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AI is coming shortly to Google Search with ‘Magi’

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According to the New York Times, Google is “upgrading the existing [search engine] with A.I. features” as part of Project Magi, which is named after a sorcerer and is conceptually similar to Project Bard. It is rumored to provide “a significantly more personalized experience than the company’s current service.”

Magi would enable Search to “answer questions about software coding and write code based on a user’s request,” a capability that Google already possesses with PaLM. Users will be able to pose follow-up inquiries, while advertisements will be displayed beneath the generated results.  

Google presently has 160 full-time designers, engineers, and executives iterating rapidly on Magi. Employees have been invited to test and query Magi since last week, with a public launch in May, which sounds like I/O 2023, and additional features arriving this autumn.

The initial launch will be heavily restricted to the United States and restricted to a maximum of 1 million users, increasing to 30 million by the end of the year. 

Beyond Magi, the New York Times reports that “Google is racing to build an all-new search engine powered by [AI],” but this endeavor is still in its infancy. 

When first used, the system would learn what users want to know based on their searches. In addition, it would provide catalogs of preselected options for items to purchase, information to investigate, and other data. It would also be more conversational, similar to conversing with a helpful individual.

According to today’s report, Google learned in March that “Samsung was considering replacing Google with Microsoft’s Bing as the default search engine on its devices.” This likely refers to Android-powered smartphones and devices.

Google implies Bing’s AI capabilities are the reason Samsung might transfer. The Times adds that “the contract is currently being negotiated, and Samsung may choose to remain with Google.” The corporation is presenting Samsung with its own proposal.

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