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Discord is making its Android app more like iOS, and in a good way

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Assuming you own an Android telephone, you might have seen that the iPhone gets new highlights from your most loved applications before Android gadgets do — or, at times, not in any way shape or form. Discord is changing that by changing to React Native for its Android app

As per a blog post composed by Discord’s product group, React Native is an open-source UI programming system that will permit the company to all the while discharge new features across all platforms simultaneously. In other words, Discord clients who have Android will get every one of the new features the company presents at similar the iOS application does as opposed to hanging tight for them to come weeks or months after iOS.

“Historically, work on the Android execution of new features would frequently be postpones until desktop and iOS were finished, bringing about certain features that launched first on one platform before ultimately showing up on another. You might have seen this when we share declarations of impending features with a note expressing something as per ‘Android support coming soon,'” Discord composed.

Discord has been utilizing React Native since Meta publicly released it in 2015, which assisted the company with building the iOS application from the core of its React application. Nonetheless, by letting the Android application run on React Native interestingly, Android clients will see that Discord’s UI plan on their gadget, similar to the Pixel 6a, will look like the plan displayed on iOS and even desktop.

Changing to React Native for the Android application is tied in with keeping up with the consistency of conveying new Discord features and updates for clients, everything being equal, as well as permitting engineers to stream line and consolidated their processes so Android clients can get new application updates quicker. New Android clients who download the Discord application will see a bigger textual style seen on the iOS application for accessibility purposes, however existing clients will have the choice to switch text size.

Discord said that the Android application will consequently refresh across all Android devices inside the next few weeks.


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