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Google’s $200 metal Pixel Watch band is very premium, very expensive

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When the Pixel Watch was released in October, it appeared to be a competent but first-generation attempt at a smartwatch, despite Android Wear being released nine years prior. The Pixel Watch’s limited selection of watch bands contributes to its first-generation atmosphere. By introducing metal watch bands eight months after the watch’s release, Google is taking a major step towards resolving this issue. On Friday, the “Google Pixel Watch Metal Links Band” was momentarily available for purchase on the Google Store before selling out.

Google’s metal watch band costs $200, which may seem pricey for a $350 watch, but is comparable to what Samsung and Apple charge. Apple’s metal link band also costs $350. We now have one of these bands in our possession, and it is well worth the $200 price tag. Google’s watch band feels just as high-end as a band from a luxury watchmaker, with tremendous weight and a clasp section that is incredibly sturdy. With the default number of metal links (six additional links are included in the box), the Pixel Watch with a metal band weighs 145 grams, which is in the realm of mid-weight luxury watches.

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