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If you edit your Twitter bio, blue checkmark will reappear.

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There is presently a glitch on Twitter that allows legacy blue tick holders to edit their bio and temporarily regain their emblem of (dis)honor.

It looks like it doesn’t matter what text you add to your bio; after adding a few spaces, I received my cheque back. It even appeared with the old text indicating that I am “notable in government, news, entertainment, or another designated category,” despite the fact that I did not pay for this. Once you reload the page, however, it disappears, which I appreciate because I do not want people to believe that I am giving Elon Musk money. In fact, it is ambiguous whether anyone else can see your cheque momentarily reappear (which I appreciate, as I do not want people to believe I am giving Elon Musk money).

Twitter retains code that indicates which users are legacy verified versus Blue verified. Therefore, an error involving these internal designations is likely to be the source of this problem. If we were to email Twitter for confirmation, we would receive an emoji of feces instead. Again, it appears that if you lay off the majority of your workforce, your social platform will be poorly coded.

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