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Logitech MX Anywhere 3S hands-on: A nearly ideal travel mouse

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Logitech already produces some of the finest productivity peripherals on the market, but with a few key enhancements, the company may have just created a nearly ideal travel mouse. And after using the new $80 MX Anywhere 3S for the past week and a half (including on my own trip), I’m unsure if I’ll ever want to use anything else.

The exterior of the MX Anywhere 3S is identical to that of its antecedent, including a similar color palette (graphite, pastel grey, and rose). Internally, the mouse features a new 8K DPI optical sensor that is more accurate than its predecessor and functions on virtually any surface you can imagine (wood, cloth, glass, etc.). You also get a new set of ultra-quiet mouse keys, similar to those found on its larger sibling, the MX Master 3S. This feature may not seem all that essential, but it’s a welcome addition for households with multiple people studying/working from home. As part of Logitech’s efforts to increase the sustainability of its products, the MX Anywhere 3S is composed of up to 78 percent post-consumer recycled plastic (although this percentage is closer to 61 percent for the grey and pink versions).

The MX Anywhere 3S is an absolute joy to use, owing to its combination of new features and a solid foundation. It weighs only 95 grams, making it lighter than all but a smattering of gaming mice, and its rechargeable battery can last up to a staggering seventy days. You still have the ability to connect the mouse with up to three separate devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, etc.), and its ambidextrous design makes it ideal for travel and confined spaces. Even though Logitech’s free-spinning MagSpeed mouse wheel is not new, navigating feels slightly more fluid than before.

The 3S is significantly different from previous MX Anywhere mice in that it lacks a dongle. Instead, Logitech relies solely on Bluetooth for this model (and likely going forward). Logitech believes that Bluetooth connectivity has improved to the point where a dedicated wireless receiver is no longer required, and after using this product for more than 10 days, I agree. The entire time I’ve used it, I’ve never experienced a single sluggish mouse click or delayed response, and Logitech’s multi-device Flow software is supported even when using Bluetooth. Moreover, a dongle is an additional item for frequent travelers to keep track of (or misplace).

However, the main reason why the MX Anywhere 3S does not include an adaptor is that Logitech’s Bolt receiver is still only available as a USB Type-A receiver, and most modern laptops only have USB-C ports. Therefore, it makes little sense to include something that requires an adapter. Logitech asserts that because USB-C terminals are so small, there is insufficient space to accommodate the circuitry without making the device excessively cumbersome. Logitech is able to create small circuit boards that nestle within the USB-A connector itself. We will have to wait a little longer for a USB-C version of Logitech’s Bolt receiver because the company is still attempting to find a solution. In spite of the fact that there are situations in which a tangible dongle would be beneficial, I have not missed having one when using the MX Anywhere 3S.

In addition to its new mouse, Logitech now offers several other updated devices. On the $110 MX Keys S, new features include more control over illumination brightness and automatic activation settings, an updated function row with additional videoconferencing controls (and that always-useful emoji key), and a new model in a light grey hue that matches the rest of the MX family. Logitech has also created a productivity bundle, the MX Keys S Combo, which includes the MX Keys S, an MX Master 3S mouse, and the MX Palm Rest – all in one package for $200. And despite the fact that the MX Master 3S and wrist wrest aren’t new, this bundle is a great way to save money because these three devices would normally cost $230 if purchased separately.

Even though it has been in beta for some time, Logitech’s Smart Actions feature is eventually being released alongside the MX Keys S today. Available within the Logi Options+ application, Smart Actions is a handy utility for automating multiple repetitive duties across multiple applications with a single key press. That means you can construct a silence command that will, with a single stroke, mute magnification, disable your microphone and halt your preferred music app. A number of fundamental templates are available by default, which can be modified as necessary. And while I’m still exploring the limits of Smart Actions, my favorite method to use it thus far has been to create what I call my “game time” command, which enables Steam, Discord,, and more with a single keyboard shortcut. And if you do not wish to construct your own Smart Actions, Logitech has made it simple to import and share them. Therefore, if you see someone else using a shortcut that you like, you can simply request that they transmit it to you.

The MX Anywhere 3S, MX Keys S, and MX Keys S Combo are currently available for $80, $110, and $200, respectively.

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