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The Apple Vision Pro means Samsung’s own XR headset has been delayed

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The release of the Apple Vision Pro has apparently delayed the release of Samsung’s XR (Extended Reality) HMD, which was originally scheduled for February 2024. The Samsung device is now anticipated to launch in mid-2024 or later.

According to a report from SBS Biz (via SamMobile), the Vision Pro prompted Samsung executives to reconsider their own devices. A possible explanation for the delay is an enhancement to the display’s resolution.

Clearly, Samsung does not want to launch a headgear that is significantly inferior to Apple’s product, even if it is affordable. Vision Pro costs $3,499 (approximately £2,725 / AUS$ 5,230) and is anticipated to be available in limited quantities for some time.

It is believed that the Samsung XR headpiece will run Google’s Android software and be propelled by a Qualcomm chipset of some kind, but at this time, specifics regarding its capabilities remain scarce.

Choose your reality

Getting used to these various versions of reality can take time. The XR (or Extended Reality) that Samsung prefers refers to all of the related technologies we’ve seen.

In augmented reality (AR), digital objects are superimposed upon the actual world. The term virtual reality (VR) refers to digital environments that are entirely self-contained. Mixed reality (MR) typically refers to augmented reality (AR) in which digital objects are aware of and interact with the physical environment.

The Vision Pro is typically referred to as a device for mixed reality, whereas the Meta Quest 3 focuses primarily on virtual reality. Extended Reality, or XR, is commonly understood to be a combination of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality; however, there is still a great deal of confusion as tech companies tend to use these terms inconsistently.

We’ll have to wait and see what Samsung has been working on and what it’s capable of, but the additional time in development should result in a device that is superior to the Vision Pro when it eventually arrives.

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