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The first Xbox Series X/S storage devices from Western Digital start at $80.

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Until now, if you wanted to expand the rapid internal storage of your Xbox Series X or S, you had to purchase a Seagate card. You now have a marginally more affordable option, however. Western Digital has released a line of WD Black C50 expansion cards, with 500GB models beginning at $80. This is $10 less than the recently discounted Seagate equivalent and simpler to justify if you only need extra space for a few games. A 1TB card costs $150, the same as its comparable-sized competitor.

If you want to add capacity for ready-to-play Xbox Series X/S titles, which require solid-state drive devices as fast as the SSD integrated into the console, you’ll need one of these proprietary add-ons. Standard external USB drives can only be used to archive or play Xbox One games. That’s acceptable if you only have a few active games at once, but you’ll need an Xbox-native card if you want quick access to numerous titles.

These devices are still more expensive than NVMe SSDs for the PlayStation 5. However, the price differential is now so minimal that the storage format will likely not influence your system selection. It is only a problem if you require 2TB of additional storage space. Western Digital does not offer a 2TB C50 card, and Seagate’s Xbox option costs significantly more than PS5 options such as Sabrent’s $150 NVMe drive.

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