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The new Apple hardware can still play like a gaming PC with NVIDIA GeForce NOW

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The projected release of the iPhone 14 series in September will be the first of several new gadgets that Apple will introduce over the course of the rest of the year. Although the hardware and software on Apple’s most recent devices are dependably excellent, you might question how you’re supposed to keep up with the newest games, which often launch on PCs and consoles before making the transition to Apple’s ecosystem, if they ever do. With GeForce NOW, NVIDIA has the straightforward solution.


Through NVIDIA GeForce NOW, you may have a satisfying PC gaming experience on a desktop Mac, MacBook, iPad, or iPhone. There is no complicated sideloading of apps required.

On your MacBook, you won’t need to learn how to install Windows. Furthermore, you won’t need to struggle with driver incompatibilities to force your system to work with graphics cards that it was never designed to support.


All you need to do to start playing your favourite games is sign up for Geforce NOW, connect your game library to your account, and start playing. Simply launch GeForce NOW in your browser to use it on iOS for the iPhone or iPad, and you can create a shortcut to it on your home screen. You can download a specific app for the service on Mac.


You may play a wide variety of PC games on your Apple devices with GeForce NOW, just like you would on a real PC. Even better, you can continue using your device’s features the entire time.

You may enjoy games at up to 1440p/120FPS with the NVIDIA GeForce NOW RTX 3080 subscription and benefit from the opulent displays on devices like Apple’s MacBook Pro laptops, iPad Pro and iPad Air tablets, and all of the most recent iPhones.


The benefits of the Apple ecosystem, such as the long-term software support, those blue chat bubbles, and the convenient 5G connectivity that recent iPhones offer (which also allows you to continue gaming on the go even when there is no Wi-Fi), can be enjoyed alongside getting all that PC gaming goodness.


When you’re ready to rumble on GeForce NOW, you can immediately start playing popular games like the recently unveiled Rumbleverse, Fortnite, and a variety of other free-to-play titles or explore top AAA titles like Saints Row 5. By putting a cloud-based gaming PC through its paces in Crysis Remastered, you can see the power it delivers.

Or perhaps you want to play the stunning Dying Light 2: Stay Human to learn what real-time ray tracing is all about. And to top it off, you don’t have to buy a game again to play it through GeForce NOW if you already own it through Steam, Epic Games, or one of the other supported libraries.


You may easily access a big game catalogue through GeForce NOW and play them on various devices almost anywhere. Additionally, the service is adding new features. The service has a history of gaining power, as evidenced by the introduction of the RTX 3080 membership, and new games are frequently added.

Here is where you can begin your GeForce NOW journey. You can read the GeForce NOW Thursdays blog or keep up with the conversation on Twitter and Facebook to learn more about all the new titles coming to the platform.



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