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 Twitter Introduces Revenue Sharing Program for Verified Creators

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In a major move aimed at empowering its verified creators, Twitter has announced the launch of an ad revenue sharing program. This initiative marks a significant shift in the platform’s approach towards content creators, allowing them to monetize their influence and creativity. With this development, Twitter seeks to encourage and retain its talented pool of verified users while attracting new ones.

Twitter’s Ad Revenue Sharing Program:

Twitter’s ad revenue sharing program, unveiled on July 13th, comes as a pleasant surprise to its verified creators. This move allows these influential individuals, who have been granted the blue checkmark verifying their accounts, to earn a portion of the ad revenue generated from their content. The revenue will be derived from ads displayed within the replies to their posts, creating an opportunity for creators to benefit financially from their engaged audiences.

According to Twitter, verified creators will receive a 70% share of the ad revenue generated from the ads shown in their replies. This monetization program aims to reward creators for their valuable contributions to the platform, while also acknowledging their role in driving engagement and attracting audiences. The revenue sharing model aligns Twitter’s interests with those of its verified creators, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.

Impact on Verified Creators:

For verified creators on Twitter, this revenue sharing program brings a host of opportunities. Firstly, it offers a financial incentive for creators to continue producing quality content and engaging with their followers. By enabling them to earn revenue from their posts, Twitter hopes to foster an environment where creators feel supported and motivated to maintain an active presence on the platform.

Moreover, the ad revenue sharing program has the potential to attract new creators to Twitter. Aspiring content creators now have an added incentive to seek verification, as it opens doors to monetization opportunities. This influx of fresh talent could invigorate the platform with a broader range of perspectives and content, enhancing the overall user experience.

Reactions and Industry Insights:

The announcement of Twitter’s revenue sharing program has sparked positive reactions from both creators and industry experts. Many creators have expressed their enthusiasm for the opportunity to monetize their content and have a tangible return on their investment of time and effort. The ability to earn revenue directly from their posts is seen as a game-changer for the creator community on Twitter.

Industry insiders predict that this move will intensify competition among social media platforms to attract and retain top creators. By sharing ad revenue, Twitter demonstrates a commitment to supporting its verified users and positions itself as a platform that values their contributions. This development may put pressure on other platforms to offer similar monetization options to stay competitive in the evolving social media landscape.


Twitter’s decision to introduce an ad revenue sharing program for verified creators is a significant step towards empowering and rewarding its influential users. By enabling content creators to earn revenue from ads displayed in the replies to their posts, Twitter is fostering a more symbiotic relationship with its verified users. This move is expected to not only incentivize existing creators but also attract new talent to the platform. As Twitter continues to invest in its creator community, the landscape of social media may see a paradigm shift with other platforms following suit to keep up with the evolving expectations of content creators.

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