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Twitter now appears to require all advertisers to be verified.

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As Twitter’s legacy blue tick mark system eventually comes to an end, the social network’s new paid-for verification system is causing more than a little chaos, with CEO Elon Musk paying for the verification of certain celebrities who refuse to pay for it themselves.

Nonetheless, another nugget to emerge from today’s chaos is that anyone wishing to advertise on Twitter will presumably need a verified account.

Several Twitter users, including social media guru Matt Navarra, have posted screenshots of a purported email from Twitter stating that beginning April 21 (today), verified checkmarks are required to continue running advertisements on the platform.

The message states:

Improving Twitter through authentication


Starting April 21, your @account must have a verified checkmark or subscribe to either Twitter Blue or Verified Organizations to continue running ads on Twitter. Business accounts spending in excess of $1000 per month already have gold checks or will soon, and they’ll continue to enjoy access to advertising without interruption at this time.

This change aligns with Twitter’s broader verification strategy: to elevate the quality of content on Twitter and enhance your experience as a user and advertiser. This approach also supports our ongoing efforts to reduce fraudulent accounts and bots.

Subscribing to either of these services means you have been verified by Twitter as a real person and/or business.

Amongst other features, you’ll have a more visible organic presence and a broader range of creation tools. We’re excited for you to get started and benefit from a superior Twitter experience.

For Twitter Blue, sign up here.

For Verified Organizations, apply here.

While Musk has been promoting subscriptions as the platform’s primary source of revenue since advertisers have fled, it is evident that Twitter still wants and needs advertising dollars. The top advertisers on the platform, those spending $1,000 per month, already receive a free gold checkmark indicating that they have an official business account.

There is currently no indication on Twitter’s ads account pages that only verified accounts will be able to advertise, but requiring verification for advertisers makes sense if it reduces spam or deters other bad actors. However, for this to be truly effective, it would require extensive screening beyond a credit card and phone number, as the $8 monthly fee is not a significant deterrent.

Moving forward, it appears that those who wish to post advertisements or promote tweets will be required to pay $8 per month for Twitter Blue or $1,000 per month to be recognized as a verified company. There will likely be an exception for accounts with a grey checkmark, which is reserved for official government and associated accounts such as agencies, embassies, parliaments, etc.


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