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Uber launches flight reservations in the United Kingdom.

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According to the Financial Times, Uber has begun offering domestic and international flight reservations in the United Kingdom and will continue expanding the service throughout the region in the coming weeks. Andrew Brem, the company’s UK general manager, told the publication that this is “the latest and most ambitious step” the company has taken to accomplish its aim of becoming a more comprehensive travel ticketing platform.

In April of last year, Uber announced its intention to add train, bus, and flight bookings to its UK app and introduced the first two options a few months later. Brem stated that train reservations have been “extremely popular” thus far and have increased by 40 percent each month since they became available, although he did not provide the Times with specific ticket sales figures.

The company has partnered with the travel ticketing agency Hopper for its flights. The Times reports that Uber will take a modest commission on each transaction and may add a booking fee to its services in the future. Uncertain as to how much the company takes, the company charges its partner chauffeurs 25% of all fares. As the Times observes, offering flight reservations could also help Uber’s core ride-hailing business expand, as users are likely to book airport transportation through the service.

Although flight reservations are currently only available in the United Kingdom, the region — one of Uber’s largest markets outside of North America — functions only as a testing ground for the company’s future endeavors. Brem told the publication that the company hopes to expand its flight offerings to additional countries in the future, but there are currently no concrete plans in place. In 2019, Uber did offer $200 helicopter flights in the United States, but the service was discontinued due to pandemic-related lockdowns.

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