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Valve has just made significant enhancements to Steam search

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Beginning today, it should be simpler to locate the content you seek on Steam. When you enter text into the primary search field on the Steam web store or desktop or mobile applications, relevant categories, developers, publishers, and franchises will be displayed as suggestions.

For instance, if you enter “Sony,” the PlayStation Studios publisher page may appear among the suggestions. The instant results may include the free-to-play title and the Freedom Games publisher page if “free” is entered. If you want to view all Final Fantasy or Star Wars titles on Steam, you should be able to access those franchise pages more rapidly from the search bar.

Valve has implemented yet another useful update to search, which is now more tolerant of errors. This should be helpful if you’re searching for a game but can’t quite remember how to pronounce it or if you accidentally misspell a word. For example, if you input “Call of Doo,” Steam will know what you’re searching for. While these enhancements are long overdue and welcome, they could help Valve make more money during the Steam summer sale.

Sony and Microsoft have both made recent improvements to their game storefronts. The Xbox PC application now allows you to search for games based on their accessibility features and estimated playtimes. Sony added accessibility identifiers to PS4 and PS5 titles available on the PlayStation Store last month.

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