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WhatsApp’s new privacy policy everyone must know.

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You’ll before long have the option to prowl and leave group quietly on WhatsApp. Three new features have been declared for Meta’s messaging application, and they all appear to be tied in with assisting clients with safeguarding their privacy.

On Tuesday, WhatsApp reported three new security features: leaving group quietly, concluding who will check whether you’re online, and screenshot blocking.

Meta has made an announcement by their blog post about this privacy policy update. According to this update, WhatsApp users now will able to leave group quietly without any notification. Thus if a user is out of the group chat not even single person in a group will be informed about it only admin will be the person who will be notified. 

Alongwith this WhatsApp also going to give you the ability to choose who can see you whether you are online or not. According to the blog post announcement, this feature will allow user to choose visibility options like Everyone, My contact, My contact expect, Nobody. Also, if users don’t share their “last seen” and “online” statuses, they won’t be able to view those statuses of other users. Both this features along with leaving group quietly features are slated to roll out in this month to everyone.

The third features that WhatsApp has announced is screenshot blocking for view onces message. If you are not familiar with this feature, let me tell you view onces message is the WhatsApps one of the lastest updates in which users are allowed to share images or videos, once the intended recipient had seen the photos or videos, they will be disappeared automatically.

Before this update recipient was free to take screenshots of those photos and videos without any informed message to the sender.

But now after this update of screenshot blocking recipient won’t be allowed to take the screenshot of those photos and videos. This feature is being tested and a release date hasn’t been announced for it yet.



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