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Xiaomi Smart TV 32A, Smart TV 40A, Smart TV 43A With Google TV, 20W Speakers Launched in India: Price, Specifications

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Xiaomi, the renowned tech giant, has once again impressed the Indian market with its latest lineup of Smart TVs. The company has recently launched the Xiaomi Smart TV 32A, Smart TV 40A, and Smart TV 43A, featuring Google TV integration and powerful 20W speakers. These cutting-edge televisions aim to redefine the home entertainment experience for consumers in India. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of these new Xiaomi Smart TVs, including their prices, specifications, and unique features, to help readers make an informed decision.

The Xiaomi Smart TV Series

The Xiaomi Smart TV series is known for its exceptional picture quality, user-friendly interface, and affordable price tags. With the launch of the Xiaomi Smart TV 32A, Smart TV 40A, and Smart TV 43A, the company is set to elevate the viewing experience to new heights. The series comes equipped with the latest Google TV interface, ensuring seamless navigation and access to a wide array of content from popular streaming platforms.

Stunning Display and Audio Technology

The Xiaomi Smart TV 32A boasts a 32-inch LED display, while the Smart TV 40A and Smart TV 43A flaunt 40-inch and 43-inch LED displays, respectively. The Full HD resolution combined with a high refresh rate ensures vibrant colors, sharp contrast, and smooth motion, ideal for both watching your favorite movies and playing games.

Moreover, Xiaomi has paid special attention to audio quality by equipping these Smart TVs with 20W speakers. The powerful speakers deliver crystal-clear sound, immersing users in a cinematic experience within the comfort of their living rooms. This feature is a significant enhancement compared to traditional TVs in this price range.

Google TV Integration

With the integration of Google TV, the Xiaomi Smart TVs offer a unified and intuitive user interface. The Google TV interface enables users to access multiple streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more, from a single platform. Additionally, voice command functionality, powered by Google Assistant, makes navigation effortless and hands-free.

Design and Connectivity

The design of the Xiaomi Smart TV series exudes elegance and modernity. The slim bezels provide a larger viewing area, maximizing the immersive experience for users. The TVs are lightweight and easy to install, making them suitable for any room in the house.

In terms of connectivity, these Smart TVs offer a plethora of options. They come with multiple HDMI and USB ports, allowing users to connect gaming consoles, sound bars, or external storage devices. Furthermore, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity enable seamless content casting and screen mirroring from smartphones and other compatible devices.

Pricing and Availability

Xiaomi has maintained its reputation for offering feature-packed products at competitive prices. The Xiaomi Smart TV 32A is priced at INR 14,999, the Smart TV 40A at INR 22,999, and the Smart TV 43A at INR 24,999. These Smart TVs will be available for purchase on Xiaomi’s official website and other leading e-commerce platforms.


In conclusion, Xiaomi’s latest offerings, the Smart TV 32A, Smart TV 40A, and Smart TV 43A, bring cutting-edge technology, remarkable display, and immersive sound to the Indian market. The Google TV integration and powerful 20W speakers elevate the home entertainment experience, making these Smart TVs an attractive option for consumers seeking an affordable yet feature-rich solution. Xiaomi’s dedication to innovation and user satisfaction is evident in this latest product line, solidifying its position as a dominant player in the Indian smart TV industry.

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